Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Test

"Teacher, what is faith?"

The older man nodded approvingly. A good question. "Do you know the doorway in the old warehouse, on the second floor, the one with nothing underneath it? Just a door in the wall?"

Excited mutterings. A hand raised up, "So faith is what lets you walk out of that door, and not fall to the ground?"

The resulting glare provided the answer. "No!" They recoiled from unexpected vehemence; he paused, collecting himself. "No, that's not faith. That would be... foolishness, stupidity. You can't step out of a door into thin air and not fall."

He waited, building anticipation, letting them settle into quiet listening again.

"We have faith that the builder had a reason to place that door in that wall with nothing underneath, even though we cannot understand why."

Closing his book, the signal that lessons were over, caused all the students to bow their heads in respectful silence. They sat in contemplation as he carefully stood, picked up his crutches, and slowly hobbled from the room.

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