Sunday, June 18, 2017


There must be a pattern somewhere.

Everything has a reason, right? Nothing is actually random, not when people are involved.

There's a message here, has to be.

Something about how it's arranged, how one thing flows from another.

Was it inevitable? Frozen in place, the entire picture and path predetermined?

No. There were choices made.

But there it is, the pattern laid out for all to see. All who will look.

Perhaps only him.

Why try to figure it all out? Why not jut let it be what it is?

Things without all remedy should be without regard, what's done is done?

What was done.

Nothing can be changed now - not a single item added or removed. Everything welded in place.

Perhaps the whole thing would become clear if he had just one clue, a key to unlock the puzzle.

Perhaps if she'd said something.

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